No Words Necessary

I came across a picture the other night on Facebook that I promptly shared. It had no explanation, no tag, no link, no credit, no nothing. Just a 4-word phrase, “Worth a Thousand Words”. The phrase was true. As you can see, a generous man is taking the very shoes off of his feet and donating them to a child in need. The child is obviously emotional about his gift. Wherever they are, there seems to be some industrialization, but yet he/she is still struggling and in need of very basic necessities.

We’re in the days of digital, ladies and gentleman – of texting instead of talking, avatars instead of real appearances, emails instead of addressing, and pictures instead of words. The internet is slowly replacing the need for human interaction. The idea of using pictures to send messages actually seems to put that human element back into contact.A few images and just one sentence can help you appeal to your constituents in a deeper way than any copy-written paragraph.Have examples where you’ve tried this? Share with us in the comments below!

by Kaakkum Karangal

December 31, 2014