Mr. P Gnanaraj


Mr. P Gnanaraj, Founder of Kaakkum Karangal hailing from South Tamil Nadu was moved by the plight of the old and destitute men and women that he took a house on a nominal rent and gave shelter to half a dozen elders. This propelled him to later on establish a centre for the homeless. His biggest source of inspiration has been his parents and his experiences that motivated him to dedicate his life to this institution.

“KAAKKUM KARANGAL” a service home for aged destitutes Orphan Children, handicapped children, ladies deserted by their husbands, spinsters and middle aged ladies, was started by Mr. P. Gnanaraj in February 1992 with half a dozen aged destitutes. A native of thirunvelveli District and born on 1941, he was doing his own business in his home town, and holding some important portfolios in various cultural welfare organizations. Discontented with limited success in his business, he moved to chennai and invested all his money in a garment export business in January 1990. Unfortunately, he incurred heavy loss and lost the invested money and was in abject poverty and depressed.

Goaded by the sufferings undergone by them, he vowed to devote his life to these indigent people.suffering for food, clothing and shelter. His bitter experience in life made him realize the predicament of millions of orphans of aged and young, mentally retarded, physically handicapped children, and women deserted by their husbands. Although unlucky, he molded his mind and was willing to offer his unstinted succor to these unfortunates. But for these situations, he could not have visualized their real plight. Goaded by the sufferings undergone by them. he vowed to devote his life to these indigent people.

With total commitment and conviction, he rented a house at Thiruvanmiyur in Chennai, and started a home in February 1992 naming it “KAAKKUM KARANGAL”. Another motivation to him were his parents, who were very hospitable to all the people irrespective of caste, creed and religion. By the grace of the Almighty, and the encouragement, and support of kind hearted people “KAAKKUM KARANGAL” has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past 17 years.