While we realize that the greatest commendation is what we hear from our residents as well as the workers, we have received several awards, commendations recognizing our signal services to the destitute children, women and elders. These do motivate us to scale up our operations to serve larger and larger number of the destitute in the society

Our Achievements

From a modest beginning in 1992, this institution has come a long way though the journey has not been easy. Today, there are six homes housing 250 old aged citizens, 150 school going children, 10 infants and other orphaned children. This Home has residents from just one year old to those who are aged 90.

The destitute elders are brought here by their friends and well wishers with a request that we take care of them. Similarly, the destitute children are brought here either by their single parents or their relatives and friends, when there is no one willing to take care of them. Many times, the single parents find it difficult to rear the children due to their economic problems. In these circumstances, they bring the kids here and leave them here for upbringing. As a policy, “we never go out and receive any such orphaned children; only if they are brought here and handed over to us by responsible people we agree to receive them” says the founder Mr. Gnanaraj.

Future Plans

We propose to purchase a big piece of land measuring about 10 grounds where we want to construct premises to accommodate about 1000 people needing refuge. We whole heartedly seek the support from one and all to help us realize our dream.


A few awards we have received are presented hereunder.