Our Activities

Residential Care & Rehabilitation

“Kaakkum Karangal” provides residential care to people who have been deserted and works on their rehabilitation as we strongly believe that love and care plays a very important role in bringing them back to a normal life. Medical assistance is provided to ensure faster recuperation. Our team does their best in creating an environment where the residents feel happy and secure. People from different diversity and background learn to live in shared arrangement promoting friendship and harmony making this a place to live.

Child Care & Education

Utmost importance is given to child care and education as good education can make a difference in the lives of these children. Good education can make a child feel confident and self reliant preparing him to face the world outside. It is on this strong belief that “Kaakkum Karangal” extends their support to not just child care but also gifting them with education.

Vocational Training

Residents are given vocational training to get involved in simple activities. This gives them the satisfaction that they are contributing something back to the society and also standing on their own feet. Vocational training also imparts specialized skills and knowledge, there by instilling social attitudes and behavioral patterns essential for successful economic activities.

Cleanse a Child Program

This scheme is an uncommon and unique one of its kind founded by our Chairman. It is seen commonly that large number of street children are not aware of health hazards due to unhygienic and untidy living conditions. While we realize that it is not practically possible to take care of the entire lot, we strive to select some peripherals of Chennai, choose children and give them a “bath”. For this purpose, a van fitted with a water tank goes round with our volunteers. In order to cultivate the habit of bathing and washing their clothes, we present them a “Bathing Kit” as a gift, containing " a tooth brush, tooth paste, bathing soap, washing soap with dish shampoo packet, towel, coconut oil, comb, face powder and a set of dresses". Each kit costs approximately Rs.300/-.